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Majella Clarke is a Conductor with principal studies in Piano and Oboe. She has also studied violin, clarinet, flute, recorder and percussion.

Majella is passionate about performing new music, especially music that pushes the conventions and uses technology in performance. Majella advocates for balanced and diverse programs.

Artist & Composer

Artist Statement

Artistic Scientist or Scientific Artist? 


My work uses data, algorithms and artificial intelligence to create compositions, sound and sonic art that can also be used in live performance.


Live performances draw upon data visualizations to create, inspire and experiment with prescribed and notated sounds often using percussion and/or electro-acoustic recordings.


My multi-instrumental background (Piano, Oboe, Violin, etc) provides versatility in performance and sound experiments.


Participation and inclusion of audience and non-skilled musicians, in collaboration with skilled musicians, is a feature of my work.


As a conductor, I explore the possibilities of inclusive performance through the practice of conduction (improvisation, composition and performance unified through conducting).


I seek to blur the lines between performer, composer, audience, and when possible, conductor.


I use Artificial Intelligence in my performances to enhance creativity – rather than replace it.

The conservation and sustainability of natural environments is of critical concern to me and thus a motivating driver of my practice.