08 Sept 21

Ars Electronica Festival

Joined by Blazej Kotowski, Blaukind and Lucia Calin, we present our concept for O-CHAIN, a Prototype of a cognitive aquatic space. 

28 Aug 21

Helsinki Art Ensemble

Helsinki Public Performance Series Echoes.inSite performed at the President Relander Memorial in Töölö sponsored by Svenska Kuturfonden.

26-27 Aug 21

Helsinki Art Ensemble inSite

Helsinki Public Performance Series inSite. QR Tag with phone and headphones to present a personal audio experience composed by Majella Clarke with movement artists Anna Olkinuora, Virpi Velin and Hosanna Megumi, on the sea facing facade of the HTC building in Ruoholahti. Sponsored by Svenska Kulturfonden.

7 Aug 21

San Marino New Music Project

Conducted the world premiere of Philip E. Foster's  Scalinate San Marino and Gerard Brophy's "We Bop" with San Marino Artists for the San Marino New Music Project.

6 Aug 21

New Music Project in Longiano, Italy

Conductor with the San Marino New Music Project Regional Concert Tour.

23-24 July 21

Echoes of Touch Performance

Performative Audio-Visual Installation with Madhouse Helsinki.

25 May 21

Sound Diffusion Concert 

Sound Diffusion Concert with the Music Technology Department at Sibelius Academy with World Premiere of my  composition My Piano on Mars for Loudspeaker Orchestra.

15 Sept 20

Artificial Intelligence in Music

Online lecture exploring the evolution of artificial intelligence in music.